You Tube's Way Shouldn't Change Traditional Media

Today we have the #power of choice.

Most of us still rely on #traditional #media for the real world news because we are used to it and we enjoy it but the younger of us prefer to watch a bit here and another bit there, and make a selection of what to read.

The best thing about being our own news editor is that we can choose one #website to learn about something, and several other #websites to know more about everything else. The problem is with the abundance of fake news and the fact that we tend to choose the media which supports our own views.

Why is it a problem? Perhaps it is because we only get a part of the story and not the complete or real one.

Traditional media has always tried to present us with facts and both sides of a story. That is why they need more of our time to explain it. However, there are an increasing number of traditional media players that are now (worryingly) trying to follow the YouTube and streaming media recipe in an attempt to gain more viewers. What they seem to forget is that they were known to do one thing right and by trying to do something else they lose what made them #special. They may end up irrelevant as there are other mediums doing the 'new version' much better, faster and free of charge.

The power of choice means we can watch whatever we want, whenever we want. We can read about anything, anytime, anywhere. The traditional media shouldn't fight this and instead act like The News Curator they have always been. Presenting us with both sides of the story, taking the time to deliver an unbiased content that does take some time to watch but makes us learn in the process.

Having an unbiased view of our world makes us understand it better and that is always a good thing.

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