How are your parking skills?

There are many things I like to compare between living in the #USA and living in the #UK. One thing that is definitely not good in the UK is the size of the #parking spaces.

Today I faced a real challenge when I went out with our 1 month old son and parked in a space with no #cars either side (as the #family #parking area always seems to be full). The only issue seemed to be the lengthy walk to the #ticket machine and #store which didn’t bother me.

When I returned to our car more people had arrived and there were few free spaces and of course my car was sandwiched. I couldn’t get the #baby’s car seat in, it was impossible! So what does someone do in this situation? Balance the baby on the roof, ask a stranger to watch their child while reversing the car, or put the child in the boot while they reverse? Of course none of these are a good idea.

I ended up dropping the back seat, and skillfully maneuvering the car seat through the boot and into place, making me think, there either needs to be more #family #parking, larger spaces in general or I should use the #bus which I am sure will inspire a #blog post one day!


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