Circular Walk

The other day, my three years-old son and I went for a walk; well I was walking, whilst my son was on his new #scooter that his aunt and uncle from #Canada had bought him for his recent #birthday.

As the sun beamed down on us we made our way along a somewhat bumpy path (against the safety suggestions in the scooters manual), but my son seemed to be doing just fine.

When it came time to turn around and make our way back to the car, my son insisted on carrying on and eventually we completed a large circular tour of the beautiful park.

It was towards the end of our circular tour that we crossed a stream and soon stumbled upon a wonderful flower patch with daffodils in full flourish. I stopped to take some #pictures and my son became fascinated by the ducks and the colour of the flowers.

It then dawned on me that our walk was not much longer by carrying on in a circle, yet we saw different things and it was by far better than the first half of the #walk.

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