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First impressions

We all do it. We judge the book by its cover, we judge a show or #movie based on the first minute and we judge someone by the very first impression we have of them. We spend more time with those that we think might be worthy of our trust and #friendship. Of course, we all make mistakes and sometimes end up trusting the wrong people.

How can we improve this? It may be easier said than done, because we actually have to spend some time and effort not trusting our gut. It's so difficult it could almost become a new way of life, but if we give chances, we may be surprised to find out that our first instinct was wrong, and our lives become richer.

However, in those cases where our instinct was right, we rest assured knowing that nothing was lost, perhaps just a bit of our time. With this "exercise", our first impressions will get better and better over time. We will really listen to those we meet, and our judgment will be based on facts rather than on #impressions.

How many good things passed us by because we didn't care to take a closer look?

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