Lost opportunities

We’ve all had quite a few of these over the years. A word unspoken; an inaction; sometimes even a #smile that wasn't strong enough; a brief moment that takes much longer to be forgotten due to our uncertainty about the decision we made. We turn the page, try to carry on with our lives, but when we finally sit down and think to ourselves about it, there's that strong question - what if?

There's no accurate answer to explain why we sometimes doubt our actions, why we continue to think about something that probably won't happen ever again, why we wonder how we could have done things differently. These moments become part of our #memories, of our lives, part indeed of who we are. Later, many can consider them lost opportunities.

There's a saying that for every door that closes, a window opens. We really have to believe this is true and soldier on. Life is full of difficult choices with no right or wrong decisions, just different outcomes. Even if this second #opportunity doesn't happen, we have to be certain that every decision we make is the best one. Take a moment to think about yourself, your family, the possible outcomes, and act accordingly to your inner feelings. You may still have some doubts later but you'll sleep much better than if you had rushed into a bad decision.


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