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Sony's futuristic answer to the low battery issue

When you are worrying about the 'low battery' warning because you still have to do something before running out of battery 'juice', wouldn't it be great if you could just borrow the needed energy from another charged #device?

Wireless #charging is something that most manufacturers are still struggling with but Sony is apparently one step ahead of the competition and working on what can be a revolutionary way of dealing with the energy of personal devices.

According to a recent patent, Sony is looking to adopt all of its future smartphones with a wireless function that would allow the #energy to be transferred between devices according to our needs. What this means is that you could borrow some of your friend's battery juice or another smartphone you haven't been using so much and 'download' it to your low battery device to complete the task at hand.

Just imagine what this would mean for the low battery issue! We wouldn't be so worried about the battery anymore (just as long as we don't forget to keep some of our devices charged)

Unfortunately, Sony's patent does not mean that this #technology is coming to the market soon. However, it is indeed an everyday issue that Sony is trying to solve and the patent does seem too good to end up in a drawer.

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