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A low-cost Phở

Do you enjoy cooking at home?

I believe that the business of #gastronomy is about looking for inexpensive ingredients in order to produce #luxury #meals.

Vietnamese Phở (soup) has become a #fashionable dish in #London eateries - not just in #Vietnamese restaurants. In #Westfield for example, one bowl costs you over five pounds; a high cost indeed when you consider that I often cook enough Phở for the whole family for under a fiver!

Recipe books usually tell you to make the stock from ox tail, but in London it may cost you up to twenty pounds because of the high demand. Therefore I make use of the lower part of a cow’s leg. Meat shops in Peckham sell this cut of beef for around two to three pounds. If you prefer poultry then try with chicken, also at a cost of two to three pounds. My daughter loves to eat the skin after it has been in the pressure cooker, as well as the marrow, and ends of chicken bones.

In some areas you can get the chicken bones or the beef cuts for free from your local butcher in order to make the stock. Why not consider opening a soup stall to sell Phở? You can hire me as your #philosophising chef, who is now wondering what other interesting dishes people are cooking up with their chicken and beef cuts.


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