Being There for Someone

How many friends do you have?

I find it interesting when someone says to me that they have hundreds of friends. Of course, I wouldn't say that that person is lying to me on purpose, but perhaps they don’t quite understand the true meaning of friendship; which is actually a sad thing and a sign of how much the #Internet has affected our lives.

#Relationships, whether friendship or something more, actually take time and effort to evolve into something reliable and true for both parties; so to have hundreds of true #friends is impossible!

I'm afraid that most users are using social media the wrong way as the goal was to actually meet new and interesting people that share similar #interests, and not a race of who has more 'friends', while never meeting anyone face-to-face...

In my life I’ve had acquaintances, friends and close friends. It actually took some time to evolve personal relationships to a stage where I know I can count on my close friends. There are only a few of them of course but I’ve always preferred quality over quantity.


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