Dangerous Selfies, a New Trend?

Thanks to #Instagram and other #social media #websites the race is on to achieve the best over the top (outrageous?) ‘selfie’ one can create! Some people don't seem to care if the selected #beautiful scenario is in fact surrounded by perils; if it involves indecent behaviour in public places; or even the use of dangerous explosives and firearms in an attempt to recreate notorious film stunts. What is considered by many as #insane behaviour, for others it is a risk worth taking in order to achieve fame on popular websites.

The point of no return is sadly crossed by many selfie fans. Since the beginning of this year alone, dozens of deaths and severe injuries have been caused by taking selfies too close to lions or buffaloes, by accidentally pulling the pin on grenades while #posing with them or by climbing to the top of buildings like #comic book hero #Spider-Man.

It seems the fast paced life prolifically portrayed in movies and the fame lavishly given to the #daredevils who follow the "do it all while you can" motto are being taken too literally by many, hurting society as a whole in the process.

We are living in very strange times indeed, when police need to issue public warnings stating the obvious #danger of doing those kinds of #selfies, and the worst feeling of all is in knowing that the warnings will still be disregarded by tomorrow’s deluded soul.

What do you think about dangerous #selfies? Have you ever done one that you now regret?


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