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The #city ground to a halt in #places yesterday as thousands of #migrant #Syrians took over the streets whilst waiting to vote in next week’s #elections, so my plans for today are cancelled.

#Phone out, #number selected, dialed and connected and my #café friend from last week picks up.

She had offered and I had accepted and today like me she is now free. So today, she and I, we Jaunt.

Morning in the #National Museum surrounded by #Phoenician artefacts and #The SurSock for #modern art after which we just wander, and chatter, and smile at each other as our day goes away. Evening is spent on the #Corniche Beirut with a stroll as we decide where to dine.

I’m leaving here soon, everything that I needed to do is done and the next place is waiting, however I shall miss and remember #Beirut only fondly- today will have a lot to do with that.

Slow walking in this most #cosmopolitan place as the sky turns red with #Saint George Bay ahead and Palms to our right, #Mount #Lebanon behind them with a (beautiful in more ways than one) woman holding my hand and I am both happy and content.

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