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My Customer Service Revolution

How useful is social media?

Years ago I signed up with #Twitter, though never really learnt to use it or get involved. This all changed today. I was frustrated with a #company that had recalled an item I had bought that became faulty. I returned it a while ago, but they didn’t send me my money back.

I entered the details of my complaint on the website’s “Contact Us,” page, and I got the DO NOT REPLY message promising a reply soon, but still heard nothing.

I tried calling their customer service number and after the hold #music repeated for about the tenth time, I got fed up of yelling “Pick up!” to the recording and hit the red “End Call” button.

I mentioned this to my #social media expert wife who said I should tweet about it. So after re-setting my forgotten Twitter password, I followed the company, #tweeted them, and was impressed when they immediately replied! We have messaged back and forth, and they’re now looking into this for me.

I then started to look for a few other companies that I have scores to settle with. But then I also started following friends, people I respect and am interested in because of what they do or have to say. I even started to follow a few accounts because they have interesting names.

I am #downloading the #app now so I can tweet on the go, probably about the #weather as I am British. I feel I have discovered something new and exciting, just like the first time I saw my wife and knew I would “follow” her forever.


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