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Google & YouTube - Your Memories Unfolded

#Google has become a worldwide go-to search engine for just about anything. #YouTube, thanks to its users, has also become a place that offers so much more than #music #videos or the latest #film previews.

What I find amazing is how Google & YouTube can so easily create a trip down memory lane! If we don't exactly remember the name of a show or film that we enjoyed very much a long time ago, we can easily Google it using the presenter's or the actor's name, and then go to YouTube and see what has been uploaded. Although it works better (has much more videos) when the show or film was a hit, I'm sure that even those that are lesser known are there too!

Due to copyright issues you probably won't be able to see the whole #movie or #show, but if you really liked it you won't need to, your memory will fill in the blanks. Definitely not a bad way to spend some free time, remembering what you so thoroughly enjoyed! The only difference is that you are a little bit older, but the magic is still there!

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