Play while your wife Shops

For some men, #shopping centres are their least favourite places on planet Earth!

They can't stand the process of entering and leaving #store after store just to buy a good pair of jeans, and most of all they can't stand the lengthy and tedious process of buying something useful, which women seem to appreciate so much.

Yes, this is indeed a somewhat sexist notion. Nevertheless, no one likes to shop with a partner who has a low tolerance and just wants the whole ordeal to be over as soon as possible...

In an attempt to solve this problem once and for all, a #Chinese shopping centre has created a room dedicated to make the whole shopping experience much more attractive to men. Nicknamed 'Husband Depository', this room proves that the Chinese have a sense of humour as it allows men of all ages to use a computer to play popular 1990s #games like Tekken 3.

The room still needs to be improved, namely on the lack of air conditioning which can be a nuisance when the room is (frequently) packed with players. Nonetheless, the success of the idea is making other shopping centres think about adopting it too. For now the room is free to use but that may change in the near future when players will have to pay a fee according to the time they spend playing.

There are a lot of eastern #ideas that have never been implemented in the west but this one seems to answer a need that many men around the world can relate to. I wouldn't be surprised if in a couple of year’s time we see this room in our neighbouring shopping centres. After all, shopping centres should be fun places for everyone not just for those (men or women) who enjoy to shop around for the best prices.


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