Can I Travel With This?

The summer #holidays are almost here and #airline companies have to be ready to answer their passengers' wishes. However, some wishes are so unusual that they end up on a list which can be both informative and #amusing. Here is the TOP 5 of the most #unusual requests made by Transavia passengers:

Can I Travel With A Box Of Oysters?

France is renowned for its delicious #oysters and it would be great to bring some of them back home. However, travelling with a living animal is not allowed by airline companies - dogs and cats are the exception to this rule.

How About My Favourite Pan?

Most of us have a favourite cooking utensil, like the go-to pan where food seems to be better cooked and therefore tastes better. Don't worry, you can show your pan a new hob #overseas. However, you can travel with only two of your favourite cooking utensils and you must use the checked baggage for them.

These Are Great Watermelon’s, I Must Bring Them with Me!

Good news! You can travel with those tasty #watermelons but you must use the checked baggage for them.

I Really Need These Eggs For My Famous Recipes!

Good news, again! Your recipes don't need to be 'adjusted' for foreign eggs, you can bring them with you in the checked baggage. Just bear in mind that they break easily!

These are my Pet Beetles! So Lovely...

In some cultures beetles are believed to bring good #fortune. However, these unusual pets are not allowed to travel in any airline company. They have to stay at home waiting your return or better yet free in the wild.

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