Edible Cutlery

We like to host parties, to meet #friends and have #enjoyable #moments in the company of others. What many of us don't like to do is washing the dishes and cutlery afterwards, and to prevent the washing hassle we turn to plastic - one of nature's worst enemies.

Because plastic dishes and cutlery are cheap to buy and are so popular these days, they have become an issue we all need to address sooner rather than later. Luckily there is a good idea from #India, which will certainly please ecologists and tired hosts alike: edible cutlery.

In India plastic cutlery is a serious issue, as 120 billion plastic forks are thrown away every year. Narayana Peesapaty decided to address this ecological crime and developed an edible cutlery set made of millet, rice and wheat. Even if some people decide not to eat the set and throw it away, it is naturally biodegradable and will quickly vanish from the face of the Earth!

Peesapaty managed to sell 1.5 million of these edible cutlery sets in India, and has launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign in order to sell them in other countries.

Let's hope the clever idea 'Eat what you ate with' turns into the next #worldwide #trend.


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