Standing instead of Sitting on Planes

If we asked a typical #flight passenger of the 1950’s to travel by plane today he would probably feel #puzzled by the security checks he would have to go through, the size and weight limits on the luggage allowance, and restrictions on what can and cannot be taken on to the plane.

An idea that is being considered is to make people stand rather than sit on planes, allowing more passengers per flight and cheaper tickets; an idea which would probably make a passenger from the 1950’s angry about what is going on in today’s world of civil aviation.

I agree that #travelling and understanding different #cultures is important not only to our personal #knowledge but also to our development as a citizen of the world. However, the #success of cheap flights made all airlines look further at what could be done to lower their prices, but their answer however was to start demanding extra fees for every single item that makes the flight a comfortable one:

A) For the whole family to be travelling on a row of seats next to each other, you pay extra for the privilege;

B) To bring something you bought back, you must pay extra if the weight limit is too high;

C) You want a meal because you haven’t eaten for some time, then you must pay an extortionate price for a sandwich;

D) And finally, a paid ticket doesn’t necessarily mean you will travel, as overbooking (once a rare event) is now expected to happen on every flight.

It seems to me that standing on a plane as though it were a bus is just another silly idea on a low standards trend that needs to be addressed by passengers who do not want to be treated as cargo. Saying no to it is much better than looking the other way and trying to enjoy the flight the best way we can.

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