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What is Britain’s Best Loved Dish?

Britain’s reputation for #food has not always been lauded for its #sophistication and #style. Often perceived as a land of pies and pasties and offal-based peculiarities, it is little wonder that the UK’s continental counterparts have enjoyed substantially more limelight for their cuisines.

However, contrary to popular opinion, British taste buds are not nearly as dull and dreary as they are made out to be.

Instead, drawing influence from a wide range of countries from across the globe, the average Brit’s weekly menu now features everything from aloo gobi to zabaglione.

A recent study, conducted by Food Network UK, has shown that people in the UK are eschewing old favourites like shepherd’s pie and fish and chips in preference of “less boring” #international equivalents, which have now become staples on the dinner table on average three nights a week.

Topping the poll, and overtaking previous frontrunner chicken tikka masala in the process, is the Chinese stir fry. The simple dish, typically full of noodles, fresh vegetables and meat or fish, is now the most frequently cooked dish in the #United Kingdom.

As Nick Thorogood, Managing Director of Food Network EMEA, stated, “It is considered normal to be swapping a Cottage Pie for a Thai Green Curry... It shows that what were once considered #exotic dishes are now considered everyday #cuisine and we are becoming masters of the wok.”


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