Your life, Your Playlist

Isn’t music great at taking you back to certain times in your life and helping you to reminisce?

#Retrojam is one of those #websites with such a clever but simple idea behind it that I don't understand why it wasn't created sooner!

Through this easy-to-use and free of charge website you'll know what was rocking when you were born, and listen again to all the great songs you still remember and enjoyed while graduating (and also some of the songs you wish you had forgotten...)

The results are based on #Spotify and clearly American-biased, something that I imagine will change and improve as the website becomes more popular, and more data is added. Nevertheless, even as it is right now, you will definitely have a great time walking down the memory lane.

Go to and enjoy your musical travel!

(And don't you worry about some past hits that you enjoyed very much sounding way better back then. You have evolved as a person so your #musical taste could only evolve and improve too!!)


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