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Did you know that #Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United Arab Emirates? and with good reason! With stunning #beaches, #lavish hotels and plenty of shopping it’s pretty hard to fault. When I visited Dubai in 2007, it was around the time that Dubai was on the cusp of becoming a very popular #holiday destination.

When I was there, I knew that this place was going to become special, surrounded by skyscrapers and scorching heat; it was the perfect mix of beach and wonderful #culture. Believe me, your first time in Dubai will consist of a lot of jaw dropping, for example when you drive past the Burj al Arab; the world’s only seven star hotel, and I can imagine your jaw would drop even more if you got a chance to stay there.

After you spend your days soaking up the Middle Eastern sunshine, venture out and explore some of the treats Dubai has to offer. The Mall of the #Emirates is a must if you love shopping, because it has a balance of high end designers with high street-not to mention it is huge! You’d need a whole day to tackle it. Or you could always get away from all the lavish #excess and take a trip out into the dessert or visit Dolphin bay. Either way, Dubai has something for everyone and I guarantee a trip there will take your breath away.

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