Twitter TV?

According to Anthony Noto Twitter's COO and CFO, there is the desire to use Twitter as a platform to #broadcast live #news, #sports and #entertainment content, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Although there isn't a date for the launch of this new service, Noto admitted that the company is already thinking about the grid of shows that will be presented. Twitter's presence in the NewFronts event also confirms this intention. The renowned event only happens once a year, and is used by TV stations to present their future shows to companies interested in buying publicity slots.

This Twitter TV desire is being divulged shortly after Twitter's loss of the NFL broadcasting rights to Amazon. Allegedly, the #digital retailing company closed the deal with a 50 million dollar offer, surprising Twitter which had closed the previous season for less than 40 million.

According to Noto, the NFL content was #instrumental to last year's success of the social network, and proves how seriously the company is looking to live video broadcasts. “Twitter users already know what we can do and they can expect more from us.”

The question is, do we need another TV channel? The answer is simple - if it is just one more channel like the ones we already have today, then we don't really need it... However, if it takes advantage of Twitter's platform by sharing live news and stories as they unfold, and adapts itself to each viewer according to the type of news they show most interest in, then it might become a #revolutionary channel that can lead the way forward for news channels around the world.

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