Should we erase past Photos and Thoughts?

#Social #media websites began as excellent tools to keep in touch with old friends or distant relatives. However, due to the way the majority of users use them, these #websites have evolved to what they are now - very personal #photo albums and diaries that most of our relatives, friends, acquaintances (and total strangers!) do read and sometimes comment on.

Publicly displaying our thoughts and photos does bring up interesting conversations and useful advice. The trouble is when the prolifically portrayed relationship comes to an end, or when a harsh opinion about something or someone becomes an issue later on. What should we do to these 'old' thoughts and photos?

The majority of social media users adopt the easiest path, bluntly erasing everything as they consider the whole thing an unwanted record of past thoughts and #relationships. Others (very few) adopt a different strategy and actually keep most of it. Why? Mainly because they thought about what they would publish before publishing it. Deleting their entire page would be like deleting their own personality!

Why try to be someone else, why mimic someone else's opinion when you don't believe it and why not let your digital self be like your personal self? This way you will never have to erase something due to fear or embarrassment, because what it is written is what you believe.

Past #relationship #photos are a different issue. We share our great moments and how a relationship evolved but when the relationship ends, keeping these photos online may send the wrong message, and even prevent a new relationship from evolving. I'm sure nobody keeps portraits of past relationships around the house, so why should our digital page be any different?

Words to live by on social media #websites… keep your thoughts, update your photos!

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