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The End of Wing Mirrors?

Audi's next SUV could be the first #car without wing mirrors!

According to the #Spanish website Diariomotor, Audi is planning to stop installing traditional wing mirrors on #future cars, thus improving their aerodynamic shape, fuel consumption and emissions.

As a technological alternative to wing mirrors, Audi will use two small external cameras connected to two screens located on the centre of the dashboard or (much likely) on each side of it, namely on the A pillar, making the #technology easier to use as it replicates the way we have always used wing mirrors. The comfort of car journeys will also improve as most noises that we hear while we travel at higher speeds actually come from the bulky wing mirrors.

According to Diariomotor, the legislators themselves are supporting this new technology as it brings additional safety benefits, namely the end of the famous blind spot, as well as improved visibility during night time #journeys and low visibility conditions.

From the financial point of view the technology also makes sense, as the mass production of these 'wing cameras' will make it a more advantageous solution than today's wing mirrors, which are usually bespoke to the car they are installed to.

If this technology really delivers on its improved #safety promise, all drivers will certainly welcome the change.

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