Wikitribune - The End of Fake News?

Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia) wants to end today's 'trend' of fake #news with a new online newspaper - The Wikitribune.

It will be crowd-funded, ad-free(!) and will have journalists working side-by-side with volunteers, writing #stories in real-time and editing them as they unfold. The #team of journalists and #volunteers will also be backed by a community that will check and review facts, explained Jimmy Wales to The Guardian.

The Wikitribune will cover traditional stories, namely international #politics, science and technology as well as other subjects that today's media doesn't usually cover such as everything Bitcoin-related.

Articles will be written with detailed sources and accompanied by a link to the audio or video recording of the interview. Readers are also called to submit stories of their favourite subject, deleting today's barrier between newspaper and reader. All of the stories must be approved by one of the editors before they are published online.

Through various fact-checking mechanisms, Jimmy Wales hopes to create a news culture that is both accurate and transparent.

Will the Wikitribune be for news what Wikipedia is for those searching for a good encyclopaedia? Only time will tell.

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