The Chinese 'Wikipedia'

Wikipedia is one of the most popular online sources of knowledge, and in my opinion of the main reasons why access to an Internet connection is so important today. An encyclopaedia built by the people for the people that has democratised our access to all fields of knowledge.

The Chinese Government has recently decided to create their own version of Wikipedia, one that according to them won't rival the Wikipedia but be better than it. The Chinese version will publish Chinese scientific and technological developments; promote their historical heritage; and strengthen the values of socialism.

Thousands of Chinese academics will create entries of about one hundred fields of knowledge, and the goal of this project coordinated by Yang Muzhi is to build the Great Wall of Culture.

China has one of the largest online populations of the world with more than 720 million Internet users. However, the content they can access to is censored by the Chinese government using some of the most advanced censorship technology. It is yet unknown how the authorities will influence the entries available on this Chinese version of the Wikipedia.

The Chinese 'Wikipedia' should be online by 2018.


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