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Sense and Social Media

Is social media a big part of your life? There was a time when you would sit at the dinner table and actually eat.

How times change. Still, despite everyone knowing everything about everyone nowadays there still seems to be some codes of conduct that a few surfers are missing.

#Social media platforms are plentiful but not necessarily alike. It dawned on me when I first completed my #Linkedin profile a few months ago that some people considered this site as just another form of #Facebook, which is indicated by their choice of photos, their colourfully worded comments and propensity for arguing.

Linkedin is a way to flaunt your #professional integrity and perhaps even progress your #career. It is not the site where you on the one hand apply to be a research assistant and then update your profile #picture to one of your latest nights out (complete with devil horns and purple lipstick). I appreciate that with social media attitudes can be relaxed, but not to the extent where future #employers will find your weekend antics endearing.


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