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Greek toes

"You have #Greek toes..." said she by my side, her body already inclined towards me in a familiar way which would be considered a violation of personal space in the West however here in the #Middle East is just normal.

Here she is just being friendly.

My feet are bare today. No shoes today no boots today and my Merrill sandals left behind for a while so I can feel the ground, all of it. The warm and the cool, the rough and smooth, the hard and the soft and the dirty and sitting here sipping coffee in this street side café with my feet firmly planted in the sun I reflect on the fact that it also gives my skin the chance to lose the white stripes just behind my toes.

"Your toes, they are Greek but you are not a Greek I think..." said with a smile so I slide my shades up my head and smile back with my eyes and a second after me she follows. Solid Brown meeting sometimes Blue, before I incline myself towards her in a mirroring act and ask "How can you tell?" #Language, not always written and not always spoken.

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