Uber’s Lost & Found - Bizarre Edition

April 10, 2017

 Uber's practicality and transparent pricing policy makes it a go-to service overseas, and even at home when we don't have a car or another quick way to reach our destination. Its popularity (and human forgetfulness) means that sometimes there are items left inside the car.


What is interesting to find out (according to the recent Uber Lost & Found Index) is that people carry all kinds of things, not just items that easily come to mind like keys, cellphones and wallets, but also other 'interesting' (bizarre even) things like:



•    Paintings

•    Lobsters

•    Engagement ring

•    Chairs

•    Cheetos

•    Smoke machines

•    Guitars

•    Hard-disk drives

•    Barbecue grill

•    Bullet-proof vest

•    Bible

•    Lottery ticket

•    Tap

•    Harry Potter glasses                  

•    Dog-shirt

•    Bag full of money

•    Contact lenses

•    Nintendo

•    Vacuum cleaner

•    Jewellery box



Losing an engagement ring or a jewellery box must be very upsetting but I can't even imagine how annoyed and frustrated someone would be when they realised that they left a bag of money somewhere!


Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the days when most items are left inside of Uber cars. This is probably by customers distracted about the weekend, and what they will do to have some fun.


Next time you use the Uber service, please don't forget your Cheetos or leave your Nintendo behind...


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