My Exciting Week

How was your week? I found this last week very exciting. It all started when my wife was in #hospital waiting for the #birth of our #second #child. I made the most of the peaceful house and managed to finish #recording my #E.P. I managed to mix, #master and send the #tracks to the people who pre-ordered them.

I also decided to try another new #hobby. My friend came over one evening to for a catch up; as we tend to do once a month. He turned up with some of his #homebrew (#beer he’d made himself). After chatting most of the evening about it, I could see no reason not to get involved. The next day I purchased a #kit and spent a long time researching this new #hobby.

Then the most exciting part of the week- the birth of my second child! On the 26th at 10:15am we welcomed our son into the #world. Mother and baby are fine and all seems to be going well so far.

This time next week I will be coming to the end of the first week back at work after the #summer. I will most likely be tired, busy trying to fit my #hobbies in when I can, as well as looking after all the #family. Yet I do look forward to getting into a routine again and the week ahead. I hope you are too!

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