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When will your next trip abroad be?

It is always exciting when we book flights to visit somewhere. Finding the dates and booking the flights is just the starting point that allows us to work our year around our #adventures.

As many of you will know, booking the #flights is the easy bit. We are flying from a #London airport early in the morning so we will need to travel down the night before and stay over so that we check-in on time. Of course we have to either sort out long-term parking or arrange to leave the car somewhere. We will have to make sure all our documents are in order including insurance, #visas and spending money.

I love #traveling and always look forward to trips and the planning stage that makes the trip just that little more exciting and real. I often think of our neighbour who is a travel agent. He promises a good deal, but for me, half the fun of our trip (the planning) would be taken away. So for now I will warm my #office chair and reacquaint myself with the #travel sites and #blogs to see what deals can be found!

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