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The Power of Rhetoric

As a #writer and #avid #reader, the influence and sheer strength of #words sometimes still manages to astound me. It was as I sat watching #Emma Watson’s #HeforShe #speech at the #UN that I got thinking about the might of language and the equilibrium between #language, content and implementation that is required to stir the masses. Watson, as with all great speakers got this balance right and the result was that she both emboldened and inspired her audience, including me.

Language is a tool available to all of us and it is how we wield it which sets us apart from each other. Emma Watson’s topic is a worthy one, an inspiring one, yet had she not delivered it with such dignity and deployed classic #linguistic techniques I wonder if I would still be thinking it about it four hours later? The answer is probably not.

#Rhetoric is not something limited to the #UN or politicians though; we all navigate through small #social interactions everyday that require us to use the right words in the right way. We can inspire, irk, comfort, offend and love through the language we use and in doing so we should always acknowledge its power, not just in changing the big things, but the little things too.

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