Where Can I Find This?

Have you ever seen something #special while you were casually #surfing the #web (and now that you have seen it you have to have it!) but don't know where you can buy it?

With thousands of #online #stores, finding a particular item can be a time-consuming search that often leads to a frustrating dead end, especially when we have no idea of who made it...

Many people try to contact the celebrities that have worn the coveted thing and hope for a reply (that seldom comes), others forward the picture to family and friends, and the guesswork party begins! Fortunately, Pinterest's engineers have seen this and volunteered to help.

A Google Chrome extension developed by #Pinterest can make this kind of search much faster and intuitive: you simply have to save the picture with the item you want, outline it in the picture, and ask Pinterest to find it! The search results will show you where to buy the desired item, and other similar products from competing #brands.

It’s a great idea that will expedite our shopping, and also make Pinterest the go-to search engine for our desired items. (Let's hope the presented alternatives are cheaper and more realistic, some dream items do have impossible price tags...).

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