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The Devil is in the Detail

What do you consider to be ethical?

Several years ago a sheep called Dolly was successfully cloned from an embryo. Now and then an exciting news report will appear about cloning and predicting how close we are; that is before the subject disappears from mainstream #media for another few months or years. But slowly and frighteningly, #fascinating #progress is being made, with #monumental possibilities.

Cloning human organs could (could being the operative word) solve the organ donor crisis. If someone's damaged organ can be replicated from undamaged parts then the body would have no reason to reject it, a major problem with organ transplanting operations.

Cloning animals could also help #species on the verge of #extinction, but would they be then left in vast protected lands to restore their numbers, protected from poachers by private security or some national army?

In Japan a scientist even plans to clone a Woolly Mammoth, the genome of which is said to be almost complete, the surrogate mother being an elephant.

The boundaries of cloning aren't just moral they are logistically almost impossible. But year by year what would usually be the realm of sci-fi is becoming reality. These are exciting times indeed!


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