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Is Mass Tourism a Menace to Popular Destinations?

The #democratisation brought by cheap flights (welcomed by all of us who otherwise couldn't afford to know the world) is being unfairly demonised by the residents of popular destinations that have to deal with the 'nuisance' of thousands of #travellers.

I believe that everyone should be a well-travelled person, as it is one of the best ways of knowing other #cultures, learning from them, and to know that the world is bigger and sometimes better than our neighbourhood. Exiting our comfort-zone and actually dealing with foreign people can be a refreshing and sometimes humbling experience that only those who experienced it can understand. 'Travelling makes you a better person' is a catchy and realistic motto!

#Cultural differences must be respected; the trouble is that most people don't care enough to know them before travelling... The gallant gesture of giving your coat to a married woman feeling uncomfortably cold is an insult in #Japan (as Putin found out). So why don’t #tourism authorities give away an etiquette book to their visitors at the #airport? It is a simple action that would prevent most of the embarrassing situations.

I don't believe mass tourism to be a menace but a #business opportunity for the visited #country as a whole, and particularly for the #tourism and local production industries. As #globalisation is making overseas products readily-available in our neighbouring shops, the items profit from the image their country has, and the opinion of their #visitors has a greater impact than any #marketing plan.

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