Should I buy the iPhone 7?

According to #Mashable, you should think twice before buying the iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 was never considered to be a true step forward in smartphone innovation. The growing rumour that Apple will replace the Lightning connection in favour of a USB-C one is another reason to wait and see what Apple will present by autumn.

When we buy a new #smartphone, most of the time we also purchase accessories to take more advantage of it, like external batteries, headphones or cables. If #Apple replaces the iPhone's main connection as is rumoured, all of these older #accessories become useless for the new iPhone, and can only be 'saved' from the dustbin by an adapter, which isn't usually cheap.

The same thing happened (not that long ago!) when the #Lightning connection was introduced by Apple.

The smart choice is to wait and see what Apple presents next, even if you really want an iPhone 7. Don't forget, when a new iPhone comes to the market, the previous one becomes cheaper.

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