Is this the Future of Smartphone Charging?

Disney has created a room capable of charging smartphones over the air!

Smartphone owners like the practicality of leaving the smartphone on a special surface to charge, without caring about the wiring. Contactless charging is being developed and is taking quite some time but few solutions have been marketed.

Disney’s research team have gone a step further to where there is no need to leave the #smartphone somewhere, it just has to be inside a special room.

Just like how Wi-Fi is now so ubiquitous that people are used to searching the web everywhere, this Disney #technology wants to do the same thing for charging, which means that in the (hopefully) near future 'Low Battery' warnings will be a thing of the past.

During the demonstration, the #Disney team was able to charge 10 different types of equipment, from smartphones to electric cars. The room is capable of generating 1,9 kilowatts of power, enough to charge up to 320 USB devices at the same time without any interference to other devices, or risks to the people inside the room.

A #revolution in wireless-charging, welcomed by those who sometimes leave their charger at home...

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