Is it Worth the Wait?

March 1, 2017

We accumulate points when we buy items by using a credit card.  We usually use these points for #tickets somewhere or #restaurant vouchers.


Yesterday we drove to a nearby #town to eat at a restaurant on the #credit card’s point list.  On arrival everything seemed nice, we were welcomed inside and shown to a table with assurance someone would be with us shortly to place our order.


We waited 10 minutes to order some #drinks, then had to wait a further 10 minutes for our drinks to arrive and place our meal order.  It took around an hour before we were eating our food!


Our food finally came and when it did it was nice. We did feel bad for the waitress who was taking orders, clearing tables and delivering food to the half-term full restaurant.  The two #bar staff were just chatting and the welcoming party didn’t seem to be helping much either.


Needless to say, we won’t rush back, and probably would not have visited if our food were not “free”, so was it worth the wait?  A message to the management and a #Google review may be needed.  



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