Why Do Airplanes Dim Lights on Takeoff?

Anyone who has travelled by plane must have noticed that during the #takeoff and landing procedures, the airplane's lights are manually (or automatically) dimmed and the window shades are raised. Why is that?

According to a #Travel and Leisure website, dimming the lights is a precautionary measure that allows the passengers' eyes to adjust more quickly in the #event of an emergency evacuation.

If it didn't happen the passengers would struggle to get out quickly of a very bright cabin that suddenly had all the lights turned off.

Raising the window shades is also an important safety procedure as it fills the cabin with natural light, helping passengers to avoid obstacles and see the conditions outside. Unobstructed windows also make it easier for rescue teams to see what is going on inside the plane, and help the best way they can.

With this added knowledge, the next time you travel by airplane you should feel #safer, while enjoying the magnificent view from the unobstructed window.

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