Audrey in Rome

The #Victoria & Albert #museum held a talk with #Audrey Hepburn’s son, Luca Dotti, about his latest #book Audrey in Rome, covering the actress’ twenty years in Rome, from film sets to Italian housewife status.

Hepburn shot three films in Rome: War and Peace, The Nun’s Story and the marvellous Roman Holiday. The book’s #photography proves difficult to distinguish the true beauty: Audrey or the Eternal City that housed her and many film productions of the era, under the Cinecittà studious. Dotti himself, a well humoured Italian, admits that #Hollywood fled to film in Rome for tax reasons, yet often the finished product was something of a tour de force. He confesses that he never saw Audrey the actress or fashion #icon. He saw his mother, who used to travel with spaghetti and olive oil, who wore jeans and a shirt, who every Sunday brought the patisserie cakes for lunch at her mother in laws.

The Roman and also Italian culture, for that matter, is world renowned; perhaps even more so than Hepburn herself. To think that one of the most iconic actresses in the world identified herself in that #environment is perhaps both a testament to the woman and the #city.


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