Cars Everywhere!

They go left, they go right, they cross, they accelerate or brake, they are stationary in front of the traffic lights, they are parked… They definitely “dominate” the space in cities all over the world.

The car industry has developed so much recently that cars and traffic, in my opinion, represent one of the main factors of stress in our daily lives. On top of that, notice that most of the cars are driven by one person alone hence increasing the acoustics level and smoke contamination that already plagues all major cities. The solution would of course be a seamless public transport system to balance out the situation allowing people to leave their machines at home…

In a big city it is already hard to find pedestrianised streets. Action should be urgently undertaken by all governments otherwise in years to come it will be more and more uncomfortable to “live” as a pedestrian, cyclist or just simply to live!

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