Elephants Need Our Help!

One #elephant is being #killed every 15 minutes in Africa to supply an insatiable and unsustainable demand for ivory. They stand little chance against hunters using sub-machine guns or poisonous spears...

In little more than a decade due to this shameful poaching bloodbath, these #iconic creatures may only exist in our #imagination and nature #documentaries.

Despite an increasingly strong ban on ivory around the world, more than 30,000 elephants were slaughtered last year by poachers, who still manage to successfully trade most of the ivory in the Far East for trinkets.

No elephant is spared when caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not even elephant mothers who are still nurturing and protecting their baby calf! Days-old calves become lost and desperate. Some are found following #tourist safari vans, which they have mistaken for another Elephant, still with a fresh umbilical cord, and the soles of their feet sore from walking far to find help.

However, the majority aren't so 'lucky'... And the ruthlessness of the ivory trade takes another innocent victim.

How can we stop this immediately? The answer is surprisingly simple - don't buy ivory!

That means all ivory, be it antique or pre-ban, in the UK or on holiday. Whenever someone buys an ivory piece, he or she is accepting the senseless deaths of these beautiful animals.

Each elephant is an individual with its own unique personality. Like us, they are bound together by family. They are peace-loving animals that can project a sense of #compassion beyond their own kind.

It is high time that we confirm that we are capable of the same level of compassion, and protect these #majestic creatures through our actions. Say no to ivory!

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