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The Right to Disconnect

In France there is a new #law that is making the headlines across Europe: "The Right to Disconnect".

This pioneering law dictates that companies with more than 50 employees have to start negotiating with employees their disconnected schedule: when workers can ignore their work's emails. The main #focus of the law is to balance the worker's professional and personal life, as several studies have been pointing out that employees who make an intensive use of electronic devices (in order to be 'always on' and ready to work) are much quicker to collapse physically or mentally than others.

For quite some time French society (and workers' Unions) have been asking for such a law to be written. The companies themselves also wanted some sort of regulation about work-related emails, in order to be protected from legal issues raised by workers, who ask for compensation when they have to reply to these emails outside of working hours.

Nowadays, keeping a balanced and #healthy #relationship between work and personal life is one of the hardest things to achieve. However, if the stressful path of an 'always on' worker leads him to a burnout, everyone loses out as a result - his family, friends, and even the employers.

I wouldn't be surprised if this law is copied by other societies throughout the world, and that despite promoting #competition in today's global market, they don't neglect the health and #happiness of their citizens.


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