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Non-Verbal Communication

The best thing about adding a friend on #Facebook, are the new suggestions for “People You May Know” that then appear. You hardly ever know these people, but you do learn a lot about the kind of people that know your friend by looking at their profile- the #picture speaks volumes!

Some people choose not to have their #photo, but instead opt for an #animal, #flower or #cartoon image- the reclusive type.

Men often portray themselves doing something heroic, like #extreme sports, #skydiving or else exceptionally whacky, like being covered head to toe in #paint. They want you to believe there is a lot of oomph under the bonnet.

Women like photos in which they look great but disinterested, perhaps under #sunglasses, looking away from the #camera, or else in front of a #landmark. That’s the: “not just a pretty face” shot.

#Mums often have pictures of themselves with their #kids, and sometimes just the kids! They need to cut the umbilical cord. #Dads rarely pose with their children.

But the funniest ones are the “smart” ones. The guys in the #dinner jackets, the girls in ball frocks or #wedding gowns- they are the #social climbers. Is it just me or are they hopelessly out of place in the Facebook #world?


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