Google Cultural Institute

February 2, 2016

Don't know what to do to pass some free-time during the rainy days? #Google can help you.


During winter, we tend to appreciate our home's fireplace more than our car's AC system. To postpone the trip to a distant museum for the summer days makes perfect sense; however when those beautiful days come, we might want to be outdoors as much as possible.


Fortunately, someone at Google has thought of this issue and we can rely on our favourite #computer to virtually visit more than 1,000 museums!


Although it is a feature that Google has been offering for quite some time (5 years), its existence is still unknown to the wide public. To #celebrate its fifth anniversary, 100 new collections, 200 new interactive stories, 50 images collections and 10,000 new artefacts were added to what was an already #impressive online collection, helped by a prolific use of Google Street View.


I don't think the Google Cultural Institute will ever replace a personal visit to a good #museum, but with so many great museums out there is it humanly impossible to properly visit them all!


This tool is definitely the next best thing at hand, and saves us a lot of time and effort, bringing us closer to the museums we like, and to those we otherwise would never know.


#Kudos to Google!


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