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The Future of Grocery Stores

Standing in line at a grocery store seems like a waste of time. We already have the goods in 'our possession', we spent some time wandering through the aisles to find them, and then we have to wait around 10 to 15 minutes just to pay for them.

Making this process a lot easier and faster should be in every Store manager's mind, but in reality the process of grocery #shopping hasn't evolved over various decades. In a time when we discuss so much about autonomous vehicles and whether every household will (or should) have a robot or not, this doesn't make any sense...

Thankfully, simple and clever ideas that enable us to take better advantage of our daily free time do pop-up, and Amazon has the latest (and in my opinion best) idea - Amazon Go:

#Customers would walk into an Amazon Go store, check in at the door with a dedicated app in their smartphone, put the groceries in a bag or cart, and when they have everything they need, they check out just by walking out of the #store.

The app is their personal shopping assistant and as they pick up the products from the shelves, the app automatically adds them up into a virtual shopping account. When they leave the store, their Amazon account is charged for the products they picked up and left with. A really simple idea that can revolutionise the way we do our everyday shopping.

For now it is just a proof of concept, but one that could come true if there is enough interest around it.

You can see the advertisement about this Amazon's idea at:

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