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Christmas Viewing

As a huge fan of #Christmas, this week’s #blog post had to be about my favourite time of year.

I enjoy most of the elements that make up Christmas but one thing I especially enjoy is sitting down with the family to watch some Christmas films (however good or cheesy they may be).

While in town today I was approached by three strangers:

The first (lady of Christmas finance) was telling me how she had a really bad day and how the cash machine was not letting her have her money to buy all the #gifts she needed to get.

The second (lady of Christmas children) was telling me how I had to make Christmas #special for my son and how he is head of the house over the next few weeks.

The third (man of Christmas present) approached me "excuse me young sir, do you know why it is so windy today?" I replied in a somewhat sarcastic way”, maybe it is because Jesus is coming again" The man replied "Yeah, I heard he was being born on a farm or something".

So needless to say, the #film we are going to sit down and watch tonight is a version of 'A Christmas Carol', so my son understands what I was talking about on the way home. What is your favourite Christmas film?

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