Great News for Electric Car Drivers

BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen are combining efforts to create a network of charging stations throughout Europe (in places yet to be decided).

Thanks to a 350 kW charging capacity, these revolutionary #charging stations will drastically reduce overall charging times (compared to what is available today), and answer to two key aspects that still makes many car buyers disregard electric cars - the batteries' range and long charging time issues.

The base #technology of the network is called "Combined Charging System", or CCS: a quick charging method that many believe will be the industry's standard, compatible with current and future electric cars made by BMW; Daimler; Fiat-Chrysler; Ford; GM; Hyundai; and Volkswagen. Tesla is reportedly working on an adapter to support the CCS chargers too.

These leading #car #brands also predict that in the next ten years the number of electric and plug-in #hybrid cars will be much higher than today's offer. This can only mean that the #technologies used by electric vehicles will continue to be further developed and improved! A much better autonomy with a single charge is something drivers should expect in the near-future.

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