When In Doubt - YouTube It!

The beauty of YouTube is that everyone can upload a video to it, and many people do. Its content is almost endless, and what it lacks in #professionalism and picture quality it makes up for in the #honesty department.

Popular brands that wish to remain so, have groups of clever people who think all day about new ways to make us want whatever they are selling. Every single day we come across movies, TV series, books, and even advertisements disguised as factual news, that try to sell us something or make us subconsciously want the advertised product.

Today's consumer is more aware of #advertisements than ever before, and the brands know that a popular place to look for honest opinions about something is still Google whose search results most of the time lead us to blogs. However, the brands have decades of #experience in dealing with texts, and really know how to make them sound as if ordinary people wrote them (instead of a clever group of marketeers). This means that a very popular blog is already filled with disguised advertisements, paid in cash or products to the blogger itself...

Do bear in mind that there are the same paid advertisements in YouTube as in the #blogosphere, but most you-tubers still tend to tell the truth (i.e. that a brand lent the product so that they could try it), and very few successfully manage to casually speak a text written by somebody else. YouTube is still the land of the amateurs, which is great when one wants an honest opinion of something rather than a seller's one.

Thousands of videos that cover a wide scope of subjects also means you will find several people speaking about whatever you are searching for, especially if it is a popular item. The brand that sells it simply cannot buy so many opinions. After watching ten or fifteen #videos about the same item, you will definitely reach a reliable conclusion.

Next time you want to buy something or go somewhere, just YouTube it beforehand!

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