Going Abroad

You’ve become familiar with the #culture and #language and are now ready to go abroad! Should you #study, travel, or intern?

#Studying abroad allows you to become more acquainted with the language and culture of that #country while also keeping up on your studies. The drawback with studying abroad is that it can be very expensive, #financial aid might not cover the #expenses, units can take up to a semester to transfer back to your school, units may not transfer, and you may miss out on fun #activities because you are busy studying. However, study abroad programs usually include at least one #field #trip, take the stress out of finding a place to stay, and introduce you to new #people with common #interests.

#Travelling independently allows you plan every aspect of your trip on your terms, potentially #saving #money and getting the #experiences you hope for. Travelling by yourself can be potentially stressful since you will be planning every aspect of the trip, might become lonely, or experience #culture shock.

#Interning abroad does not necessarily mean you are earning money, though the #international experience will still look good on your #resume. You may also need to get special #work #visas or other paperwork before going which can be expensive and time consuming.

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