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In The Right Place

What are the most memorable moments in a person’s life?

When our first son was #born my wife was in #labour for 52 hours and in the end it resulted in a #caesarean section. We remembered that it was a tough time and hoped the #birth of our second son would be much more straightforward.

Unfortunately my wife has now been in #hospital for 3 weeks with at least one more to go. Our son is lying transverse which I have learned is dangerous, especially if the #waters break.

I have visited the #hospital daily, which is around 30 minutes drive in little #traffic, or if timed wrong, it can take more than an hour. Though my wife is fed-up she knows that she is in the best place and eventually things will be fine.

We’re relieved that we do not have to pay for the #medical expenses (like we did when we lived in the #US) and have had our friends and family rally around to help when they can. I now know the #roads very well in an area of the #city I rarely visited before and I have found the #free-parking spaces nearby.

Above all the most positive part is at the end of this trial we will have a little #bundle of #joy to hold.

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