Automatic Email Replies

December 4, 2016


Google has unveiled a #technology capable of what they call "deep learning"  which is a form of artificial intelligence that is here to stay, and will reinvent a wide range of online services by analysing the contents of an email and suggesting short replies. The idea is to quickly respond to someone whilst on the move without having to manually tap a message using the phone or computer's keyboard.


I don't know about you but I don't like my #messages to be read by anything or anyone other than myself, and I'm also not comfortable with the notion 'on the move'. Whilst driving you should refrain from typing on any keyboard whatsoever but if you are for instance on a train or in a taxi, you do have the time to type what you want to say, instead of wasting it scrolling a shortlist of generic answers that may not be adequate for what you wanted to say anyway...


The most important aspect of all (but the one obviously neglected by Google and other companies who employ resources in similar technologies) is the image you are sending of yourself to the person of whom you don't seem to have the time to write even the shortest of answers to - definitely not a #professional move on your part.


I understand that answering countless email messages can be cumbersome, but I'd prefer not to be answered at all rather than getting a nice standard answer to a message that may end up unread or forgotten...


I'm also afraid the present movement towards 'automatic everything' in a 'let the machine do all the work for you' mindset is slowly dumbing us down. The need to know, to #read, to learn, to act and most important of all to think, should be ever present in our lives in such a way that we always feel stimulated, creative, and happy! Don't you agree?

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